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House painting and specialty staining for the exterior & interior of homes and commercial buildings. 

Our focus is on quality delivery to provide our residential clients with a comfortable experience and our commercial clients with efficiencies and teamwork. We are selective and have limited capacity to take on projects. And we do offer consultation to help you talk through details of your project.



Your garage door doesn’t have to be bland.

Customize it to encapsulate your individuality

At Kooler we’ve been analyzing and R&D’ing our wood and metal overlay process over the past five years. Through successes and failures, we’ve identified a process that we can stand behind for life.

Kooler now offers Lifetime Guarantees on Custom Overlays.

What’s the Kooler Difference?

Kooler’s Overlay Process differs from anyone else in the industry in these ways:

  • Adhesives - we use what others don’t and we use more of it to insure your custom doors lasts for the long term with limited warping and weathering overtime.

  • Stainless Steel Fasteners -- our brads are 16ga and 18ga stainless steel. Over decades you’ll never notice a bleed from a nail. And most fasteners are hidden from reveals.

  • 3” Lags - upon installation all our cladded doors are secured with 3” lags for strength and certainty. The competition uses 1.5” lags - 3” lags makes a structural difference.

Our warranty is solid - and if annual maintenance on woods occurs, and anything fails at any time, Kooler has your investment covered.

Serving Chaffee &

Gunnison County Areas

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