Building in Summit County

What you will find here is:

Helpful  Things to Consider When Building in the Mountains

The Needed Steps When it Comes to Building in Summit County

And Finding Experience Local Contractors

Easy Ways to Find  more details about Contractor's through their website

Information Guide

Summit County Map

Welcome to Summit County

Chaffee County Resource Directory

Building a mountain home in Colorado
Things to Consider: 
-When Buying Land
-Details about the land you purchase
-Zoning & Setbacks
-Snow Removal & Road Maintenance

Where will your utlities come from
-Water & Gas
-Electrical & Sewer

Soils in Colorado

Budgeting for a home-Stay on Track

Choose Your Architect

Choose a Builder

Ways to go Eco-Friendly

Thinking about Solar

What is a Smart Home

Click Here for 

Local Community 

Contractors/Business Listings

Should you be building a 

new home, to remodeling,

doing a New Addition.

Or just getting that prject going. Residential to 

Commerial work .

To Help finding that perfect

piece of land. To seeing

what other Local Businesses

& Restaurants are here.


Summit County Builders Guide Application       

What's Happening 

in the Mountains

P.O. Box 782

Fairplay,CO. 80440


Keeping your name out there.  Continue to advertise is your best bet!!

Cost Includes:

Being in the Summit Builders Guide (size 8 1/2" x 11")

The Website, where each Customer will have their own page

The guides are distributed in Summit County

Please fill out this application.

Company Name__________________________________________________________

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Cover Page (smaller then half Page) $600.00 Back Full Page $700.00 

Front Inside 2 pages (Full page) 700.00________

Back Inside 2 Full Pages (Full page) 700.00 _________

In order to print this Helpful guide to be distributed

Will need  ALL Applications & Payments as soon as possible.


Additional Fees for Design: Please Check One

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           busy. But again that is up to the customer. Also if customer has certain pic/s,

           or Logo, must send them in by email, jpeg, high resolution pic. 

           Must be 3500 to 4400 pixels to be high resolutions. (300 DPI) 

           Keep same ad with no charge 

           I will email new ad must be sent Jpeg, (High resolution) right size. Shown additional fee/

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